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Gcollab is having concrete vision and roadmap to bring people together with innovative collaborative services to make the world a smoother place to work.

Welcome to gcollab.com – the free global collaboration platform for serious people.

Here are some unique services, which take care of all your operational activities, so that you focus on your core responsibility, thus enhancing your productivity multiple times and making your life much smoother.

  • assign tasks globally
  • route to multiple serially or in parallel
  • get your to-do list automatically filled
  • get instant updates on your tasks
  • an incompleted task always remains in someone’s to-do list
  • tmail is an integrated personal assistant !

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the gcollab Privacy Statement.

Please be recommended this Privacy Statement doesn’t include data gathered elsewhere, including although not restricted to, traditional and websites connected out of this Site. These additional websites ought to be ruled by their individual privacy guidelines, which are beyond our control.

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What is t-mail?

What is t-mail

The task manager, also known as t-mail or TM, is a global system for tracking interdependent tasks of people all over the world. You can use it for storing your interdependent tasks, as well as for sharing tasks among others. (Technically speaking, it’s an adhoc work flow system where the flow is dynamic, i.e. can be changed anytime until the task is closed).TM defines a task as a work, which gets initiated by an user, flows through a series of stages (users), and gets closed. Any user in the series may initiate one or more subtasks in parallel, and wait for them to close before the parent task continues.

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